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How Big Data can Take Marketing to Next level

Marketing is no more a game of intuition. Competition isn’t easy and the only way to win is by soaking yourself into the pool of data and extracting all the necessary information needed to run a successful ad campaign. Big Data has taken over traditional data-processing applications and made marketing decisions easier. The study of big datasets to get figures has resulted in better decision making. Use of Big Data tools will help to process huge volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Let’s see how Big Data can take Marketing to Next level!

Better Marketing Campaigns

Informative content is a must for any marketing campaign. Big Data services can be used to design a marketing campaign by collecting data about consumer behaviors. These campaigns are more effective than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing uses guesswork while planning a campaign. Good Big Data Analytics Tools eliminate this guesswork by getting figures that showcase the wants of the customers. They can determine customer behavior, purchasing patterns, favorites, and background. They can make a pool of interests which may consist of the figures that can determine the number of women responding to email campaigns, using coupons and engaging in bargains and deals. It is crucial to use good analytical tools as it can ensure that the data is reliable and can bring us productive results. It should have access to social media data, websites, emails and log files.

Making Better Pricing Decisions

Marketers should no longer make pricing decisions by using basic information like product cost, competitor pricing, etc. Big Data can make these decisions quickly by analyzing customer preferences and general economic information. It is important to derive insights by taking into account various factors such as the purchase of products by a customer in the last five years, their disposable income, their capacity to afford a product, quarterly GDP, growth rate, inflation rate, exchange rate, interest rate and many more. Big Data holds the power to eliminate manpower in making pricing decisions through automation. Time to make data-informed decisions and ignore gut-feelings.

Showing Appropriate Content

Big Data Services can engage the visitors by showing them the content they are interested in. For example- A website can derive the details of the time spent on the page to know about the content that the visitor is interested in. That particular content can be shown if the visitor visits the page next time. These customized experiences are in demand by the consumers and can set the organizations apart from others. Advanced research can prove fruitful to build a personalized strategy. Do not forget that the company has to serve the consumers and consumers are the only ones to make a choice of going with the product or not. Even mobile app data can be used to learn about the interests, hobbies, and desires of users. Win it with Big Data and pull ahead of the competition

Intelligence is what you will need

Understand what others in the market are doing. Be aware of the ad campaigns your competitors are doing. Before you make an investment, get all the facts checked. Professionals in data analytics can be hired to ensure the smooth functioning of the campaigns. Keep an eye on what other brands are posting on social media and make the correct use of data you have.
Big Data can help you succeed in marketing.

Allocation of Budget

The most important strategy for businesses is to decide which allocation of the budget on various channels. It is difficult to decide which channel holds the capacity to produce growth. Marketing mix is the solution you might be missing out on. Big data services use marketing mix technique to get insights into the current landscape of marketing activities and the potential future impact of marketing campaigns on ROI, profits, and sales. This gives accurate insights about the profitability of the campaigns and investment can be done accordingly.

Insights into customer’s emotions

Marketing is for the customers and their emotions must not be taken for granted. Human sentiments are made possible to be understood with the help of technology. Today, we are able to analyze and revert back to human emotions. Emotions behind a particular text on social media can be defined. Chatbots can be used to understand the emotions as it can be recorded and examined.

All of the above strategies require detailed knowledge in the field of Big Data. As a result, the companies will hire those candidates who are a pro in big data and give their business a shape by taking it to another level. This increases the need to get certified. Data Science Council of America (DASCA) offers Big Data Analytics Certification. These credentials are built for market researchers, graduates, and marketers who want to make it big and land their dream job. Get prepared for the position of Associate Big Data Analyst and Senior Big Data Analyst as big data analytics certification is what you will need to grab a job and ensure its growth.

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